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#> The legacy packages maptools, rgdal, and rgeos, underpinning the sp package,
#> which was just loaded, were retired in October 2023.
#> Please refer to R-spatial evolution reports for details, especially
#> It may be desirable to make the sf package available;
#> package maintainers should consider adding sf to Suggests:.
#> Registered S3 method overwritten by 'geojsonsf':
#>   method        from   
#>   print.geojson geojson

This development version of the aus package has been made available as part of the process of testing and documenting the package. Currently there are no vignettes available. Currently there are no vignettes available. There is a (deprecated) app developed with prior versions of aus available at . An example of analysis undertaken with prior versions of the aus package, along with a brief presentation explaining the model used in that analysis, is available at